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MondayOFF Life
[Game Jam] Test as fast as you can - Monday Run
The Hyper casual industry is ever-changing. One moment, you look at the current trends, and the next, everything has changed! To give our in-house studios a chance to take a break from daily routines and let them challenge their creativity without any restrictions, we held our first game jam, “Monday Run,” for two weeks, from June 8th to June 21st.
How-To HC
What makes a game Idle Arcade?
Idle arcade games are impacting the Hyper casual market lately. Some of you might wonder, why is this game called idle arcade? What makes it different from other Hyper casual games? There are quite some differences, and in this blog post, you will find out the characteristics of arcade idle, its features, monetization, and its contrast with other Hyper casual games.
How-To HC
How to Generate Successful Hyper-casual Game Ideas
When creating a new game, most of us become stuck in the first part, generating a successful game idea. It is essential to know how to have ideas that can be successful for your game creation. In this blog post, you will find out how to avoid a game idea block and emerge a successful one.
How-To HC
Basics of Hyper-casual Game Creation
If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about developing Hyper casual games. This article will cover what you need to know and do before creating your first Hyper-casual game and hopefully make a hit!
MondayOFF Life
A MondayOFF Christmas Party
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is Here at MondayOFF!
MondayOFF Life
MondayOFF On-Record: Meet Dunkun - MondayOff Co-Founder
We want you to know us better. We are starting this new series of interviews to learn more about the history of MondayOFF and the people behind it. For our first interview, we decided to talk with Dunkun, the founder of MondayOFF. I hope you enjoy this brief but informative interview and know more about us.
MondayOFF Life
Feeling The Christmas Spirit at MondayOFF
Our Games
Discover life of mellow
MondayOFF is branching out! After many released games in the hyper-casual genre, we are ready to look for new challenges and areas to explore. With lots of hard work and the unlimited creativity of our development teams, we came out with a game that is entirely different from anything we have worked on before.
How-To HC
The importance of visual rewards in Hyper-Casual
Hyper-casual games are straight to the point. With simple controls, short levels, and low difficulty, hyper-casual games offer what people nowadays enjoy the most: Instant gratification. There are many visual ways to grant players the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
How-To HC
Why In-Game Advertise?
Publishing a mobile game is not an easy task, especially when you don't have vast experience in monetization. In-game advertising is great to pump up revenue, get users engaged, and improve the Retention of your games.
Market Insight
How to Know Your Game is Doing Well According to Metrics
As a Developer, when finishing up your prototype and preparing for a soft launch, it is crucial to understand the metrics involved in the testing stage. CPI, Retention, and eCPM are key metrics that show how the audience accepts your game and its potential for making it to the top charts. In this blog, you will learn to understand these metrics to know if your hyper-casual game is doing well in the market.
Market Insight
Top Hypercasual Trends of October and November
In past October and November, the hyper-casual game industry has noticed the unfolding of new genres that have worked for the global community. Even though these game genres were not as prominent before, the audience has recently loved them. Not only these but mechanics and themes have steadily stayed in the charts, and multi mechanic options have become more popular on action and hyper-compacted games.
How-To HC
Top 3 Mistakes Made by Hyper Casual Developers
We are humans, and that means that we make mistakes. As the Hyper casual industry quickly develops and the competition increases, it is crucial to know what to do and what NOT to do. This blog gives you the top 3 mistakes made by Hyper casual developers.